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Chiropractic Treatments
For your first visit Dr. Dillon will consult with you about your symptoms/pain/injury, perform an exam, and if appropriate, give you a chiropractic treatment. She may prescribe nutritional supplements and stabilization/rehabilitative exercises. The session takes an hour.
Follow up appointments are a half hour and include a brief consultation, assessment of your treatment plan/exercises, and hands-on treatment.
Treatment Philosophy~
The cornerstone of Dr. Dillon's practice is soft tissue manipulation. As a life-long athlete, she was drawn to manipulative techniques that addressed the muscular causes of joint dysfunction. Later she studied theMyofascial Trigger Point Therapy techniques of Janet Travell M.D. as well as Russian Medical Massage via a visit to the Soviet Union in 1991. Dr. Dillon utilizes gentle manual joint manipulation techniques when muscle manipulation is not sufficient to afford correction of the problem. Dr. Dillon also uses Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

The Chiropractic techniques Dr. Dillon utilizes vary from patient to patient. She may perform chiropractic adjustments, Sacrooccipital Technique, Thompson or Cox Technique. She also uses the Activator technique, as well as Ultrasound and muscle stimulation modalities.

Another part of her tool box involves physical therapy modalities. In the past year Dr. Dillon purchased a Multiradiance Cold Pulsed Laser which has proven very effective in aiding the recovery of injured patients. Kinesiotape and Dynamic Taping techniques are used to help correct mechanical problems with wrists, knees, feet, shoulders etc.
"Dr. Dillon has become something of an established institution in west Marin: I know many, many people who see her for treatment ."
~Steven L.
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