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Primal/Paleo/Low Carb website
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Inspiring movie about transformation through juicing:
Bay Area-Based Ergonomic Consultant, Stephanie Weber, DC, CIE 
Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD; About how wheat effects blood sugar and other systems in the body:
The Diet Cure by Julia Ross, book about how food effects mood, energy, vitality:
Healthy recipes, lifestyle inspiration:
Light therapy lamps for mood/ SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder):,default,pd.html?start=4&cgid=5010803
Article in Real Simple magazine about gut health and mood/overall well being:
Trauma resolution & healing, Reiki, Dreamwork practitioner, Mia Runnanin:
New York Times article about the junk food industry:
 "Christine Dillon is effective, professional and goes beyond the scope of chiropractics to augment healing. She stays current on all manners of health along with the latest technology in her field of practice."
~Linda K.
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