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Dr. Dillon's philosophy is that an essential part of a patient’s recovery is participation in their own care. She empowers her patients by creating an individualized program of stabilization and rehabilitative exercises, nutritional changes, and lifestyle modifications. Supplements and vitamins are often recommended to support healing and recovery from injuries.
She discusses lifestyle, prolonged postures required by work or hobbies, footwear, backpacks and purses, mattresses, car seat support, etc., to see if simple changes might help alleviate symptoms.

She enjoys working with patients who want to feel better and who are motivated to make changes in their lives. Dr. Dillon frequently sees improvement in function and mood as patients  regain balance, strength, health and vitality, and are able to participate more fully in their lives.
"We have been going to Christine for over 15 years and I know that she is one of the best in her field."
~ Mg. M.
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