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"Dr Dillon is the best chiropractor I've been to, and I've been to many, and I have been raised around chiropractics all my life. Christine listens to you, thinks carefully about what you're experiencing, and is very gentle and careful about her treatments. She looks at the entire body as a system, she is not about adjusting one spot and then having you come in day after day for weeks to have this one thing pushed around. I might add that Dr Dillon has become something of an established institution in west Marin: I know many, many people who see her for treatment ... everyone I know has been pleased and is very happy to recommend her to others." ~Steven L.
"Christine is an amazing chiropractor.  What she does goes way beyond chiropratic.  She has been able to help me with my chronically bad headaches that I have been struggling with for the last 10 years.  Christine is brilliant in her unconventional thinking.  She is a health genius.  I very highly recommend her." ~Jeff T., Photographer
"Best healer I've ever been to, she's a healer not just a chiropractor.  She's got a multitude of skills, knows all about herbs, supplements, aliments, diagnostic skills that a Naturopathic Doctor would have, along with excellent and gentle chiropractic skills.  She's great!"
~Kitty M.
"Caring and effective Chiropractic Care- Christine Dillon
We have been going to Christine for over 15 years and I know that s
he is one of the best in her field." ~ Mg. M.
"Very gentle and effective.  Puts things back in line so I can stay on my bike.  Does her best to keep me from having to come back!" ~ Eric C.
"I was in a car accident in November and have been seeing Christine since. She has really taken care of me and actually cares about my healing process. I couldn't recommend a better chiropractor." ~ Mara M.
"Dr. Dillon is a very special chiropractor. She has solved many of my problems including one shoulder problem that I was prepared to have an operation on."~ John
"Christine Dillon is effective, professional and goes beyond the scope of chiropractics to augment healing. She stays current on all manners of health along with the latest technology in her field of practice. My experience is a great case to prove this point. I came to Christine after many years of visiting doctors and chiropractors to deal with pain in my neck. The issue was deteriorating with new symptoms of “crunching” and feeling as though my vertebrae were “popping”.
 Christine started treatment in the most professional manner by having me get x-rays, before applying any type of therapy. She discovered right away that I actually had a birth defect with a partially missing vertebrae. No one had ever found this and I was 50 years old!  Through suggesting  corrections to my posture, and sleeping/pillow position, as well as changing the way I sit at my work desk and with physical therapy exercises she prescribed, she helped me to strengthen the areas effected by this defect. For the first time in many years, I am completely pain free. I am amazed.
I recommend seeing Christine Dillon BEFORE you try anyone else or any other methods. She will refer you elsewhere if she cannot help you. This is the type of practice she maintains. Thank you, Christine Dillon!" ~ Linda K., Artist/Consultant/Athlete
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